Month: December 2020

Map to Your Customers’ Sales Expectation

Anticipate your customers’ needs with the right data and insights. Now you can with #MSDyn365 Sales. Contact Amyra Technology Services to learn how. #Microsoft #MicrosoftDynamics365 #Office365 #MicrosoftOffice365

Itaú Unibanco boosts service availability and data processing with SQL Server 2019

As a banking leader in Latin America and one of the largest banks in the world, Itaú Unibanco handles thousands of transactions every second. By migrating to @MicrosoftAzure SQL Server, Itaú Unibanco can confidently scale data collection and infrastructure maintenance while continuing to deliver high-level service. Watch this video to learn more:

10 reasons to use Azure SQL in your next project

Azure SQL provides several levels of encryption, from a column to the entire database, right out of the box. Access this blog to learn other reasons to use @Microsoft #Azure SQL in your next project.

Special Olympics turns stars of youth leadership program into constellations with Microsoft Teams

“Breaking down barriers with Microsoft Teams,” brought to you by @msftnonprofits, shows #nonprofit organizations how the Special Olympics uses Microsoft Teams to create communities of inclusion throughout the world. Youth leaders can now self-organize in Teams to network, share ideas and resources, and support each other as they interact through voice, video, and chat—no matter their background, language, and culture. #Tech4Good #SocialImpact #DigitalTransformation @Microsoft-365 @Office365

The value of moving to Azure

What’s right for you? With Microsoft Azure, you have choices. Run part of your business in the cloud, on your terms and your timeline. Pay only for what you use. Take advantage of free assessment and migration tools. #Azure migration has so much cost-effective innovation, we’d love to share it with you. Contact us Amyra Technology Services.

Lackluster Teamwork? Tips For Boosting Performance

What are you doing to help your teams work better together?

#Teamwork is about more than just changing the way that employees communicate. It’s about understanding the roots of human behavior and putting in the work to keep your employees engaged. Check out this article for tips to boost teamwork in your business.

Need help getting started? Contact our team at Amyra Technology Services for more on how our #Microsoft Teamwork solutions can help your employees do their best work.

10 tips to tackle your remote work day

Stay connected and get more done with “10 tips to tackle your remote work day,” brought to you by @msftnonprofits. #Nonprofit teams can discover the keys to increasing the efficiency of their workspaces, improving collaboration, maintaining relationships when not in the office, and running more effective remote meetings. The transition can take some time, but with the right tools, a few adjustments, and some patience, it doesn’t have to be daunting! #Tech4Good #SocialImpact #DigitalTransformation @Microsoft-365 @Office365

Give Your Sales Team the Winning Edge: Quick Time to Value with Dynamics 365 Sales Professional

Want to deliver a superior #CustomerExperience? See how many #SMBs use #MSDyn365 Sales Pro to provide valuable intelligence to their salespeople. #MicrosoftEducation #EducationalTechnology #K12 #Windows10

Modernize digital processes to accelerate innovation and ensure data security

In addition to scaling with demand and flexible modernization, there are more benefits of migrating with Windows Server and SQL Server on #Azure with @Microsoft. Contact Amyra Technology Services to learn more.

Crash Course in Microsoft Teams

Find out how your #nonprofit team can work more efficiently without complex tools by checking out the “Crash Course in Microsoft Teams” eBook, brought to you by @msftnonprofits. Discover how to start using Microsoft Teams to communicate instantly and easily:

• Chat, online meetings, calls
• File-sharing, recording, transcription
• Real-time co-editing
• Collaboration inside and outside the organization

#Tech4Good #SocialImpact #DigitalTransformation @Microsoft-365 @Office365