The Top 10 Reasons Why SMBs Should Invest in the Cloud

Cloud adoption is well underway but when it comes to making the move, Microsoft research shows that SMBs lag behind enterprise counterparts. In fact, 96% of enterprises are using the cloud, whereas only 78% of SMBs are following suit.

As you know the cloud can be a game changer for businesses–big and small! This week’s infographic demonstrates the ten most crucial benefits that SMBs report after investing in cloud solutions.

View: The Top 10 Reasons Why SMBs Should Invest in the Cloud

1 | Greater profit and ROI
Simply put, companies that move to the cloud make more money. And not by a small
percentage, either. SMBs that invest in the cloud report up to 25% growth in revenue
and up to 2x the profits over those who don’t. Embracing the cloud is simply a better
path to faster growth.
Additionally, cloud deployments provide a greater return on investment (ROI) than
traditional on-premises software projects, especially in ERP and CRM. For example,
Nucleus Research determined that companies that use Microsoft Dynamics 365 see a
return of $16.97 for every $1 spent. That’s well above the average for on-premise ERP
and CRM applications.
5 | Seamless, automatic software updates
With cloud computing, all software updates are handled automatically, so critical
systems always have the latest functionality and security features. This effectively
ensures that all the benefits of a vendor’s ongoing R&D investments are transferred
to their customer’s business, without that business having to dedicate any time or
additional resources.
7 | Improved collaboration and productivity
Digital, cloud-based workspaces offer the opportunity to collaborate more effectively
and remove data silos to enable greater employee productivity. Additionally,
cloud-based office productivity suites and all-in-one business management solutions
possess integration capabilities that simply can’t be matched by on-premises software.
Cloud computing also allows teams to be productive, regardless of their location.
This enables businesses to offer flexible working arrangements that create a healthier
work/life balance and happier employees without sacrificing productivity.
9 | Superior security and data protection
Small businesses are the most common victims of security breaches. In a recent study
by ComScore, over 40% of small businesses were worried about data security before
moving to the cloud. After making the switch, 94% of businesses reported security
benefits they had been unable to achieve with their previous on-premises resources.
Furthermore, physical hardware protection has always been a challenge for SMBs.
Laptops get lost or stolen all the time. In addition to the replacement costs, there is the
even greater cost of losing important or sensitive data. When storing and backing up
data in the cloud, however, data is available and protected regardless of what happens
to personal devices.
10 | Increased competitiveness
Ready for the cloud yet?
Moving to the cloud gives SMBs access to enterprise-class technologies that were
previously only available to the industry’s top players. With the cloud, any business can
run on the exact same systems used by the largest, most sophisticated companies in the
world, enabling them to innovate and act faster than competitors that manage
on-premises legacy systems.
In conclusion, with cloud software now available that is purpose-built for SMBs to run
their sales, marketing, service, accounting, operations, supply chain, and project
management activities—all from a single, connected solution infused with AI and
advanced analytics—there’s never been a better time for small and medium-sized
businesses to make the move to the cloud.

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